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"Arrangements for guitar" 

Among the very finest arrangers, composers and performers of classical guitar in the world today we find Marco Pereira. Pereira is an internationally renowned Brazilian composer, arranger, guitarist, and university professor. As a composer and arranger he is strongly influenced by musical traditions from Brazil, Latin America and jazz. 

Pereira has received awards in important international competitions such as Concurso Andrés Segóvia and Concurso Francisco Tárrega. In 1993, he won the Sharp prize for Best Popular Music Arranger for his work on Gal Costa's «Gal». He has recorded with many prominent artists in Brazil, such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Edu Lobo, Gilberto Gil, Paulinho da Viola and Milton Nascimento. He has also performed and toured with internationally renowned musicians like Baden Powell, Vicente Amigo, Hamilton de Holanda and Ralph Towner - to mention a few. 

Pereira's ability to reconceptualise any piece of music is second to none. His work displays a rich variety that brings out the best each composition has to offer. With perfect control over texture and timbre, his arrangements are executed so masterfully that they appear to be original compositions for the instrument.

"Solo Guitar Works" 

Marius Noss Gundersen has composed music for solo guitar to some of the most prominent classical guitarists in Norway. On his new album 5 guitarists have recorded their pieces. Christina Sandsengen, Randall Avers, Gjermund Titlestad, Thomas Kjekstad and Sven Lundestad. 

Marius has specialized on composing for classical guitar and his music has been played and recorded on numerous occasions. His musical style spans from melodic and tonal to more experimental language, although he leans towards the more melodic influences. Both Brazilian and Norwegian music, classical forms and some clearly modern ideas inspire the music on this album. 


Seasons, composed for Christina Sandsengen: a suite in 4 movements that reflect the four seasons. The music is inspired by Norwegian folk music. SPRING is a little dance, SUMMER reflects lazy days by the sea, AUTUMN is rich in colours with falling leaves and WINTER begins with a clear Norwegian landscape where the snowy weather becomes more and more intense.

Musical Evolution, composed for Randall Avers: a set of variations on an original theme by Marius. Each variation is inspired by an era in music history: the Renaissance, the Baroque, Classic, Romantic, Impressionism, Modernism, Blues and Jazz.

Preludes, composed for Gjermund Titlestad: 5 preludes with a nod to composers like Heitor Villa-Lobos and Augustin Barrios Mangore

Lament, composed for Thomas Kjekstad: composed after Trump won the election in 2016. Musically, the piece reflects my frustration and shocking reaction to what was happening around the world at this time, a lament.

Sonata - Echoes of Brazil, composed for Sven Lundestad: sonata in 4 movements where each movement is a musical reflection of places I have visited in Brazil. Musically, it is inspired by genres such as Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, etc.

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